A guide to preparing your business for the new year.

Prepare your floral business for 2023


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Lacy Bird bouquet assembly from start to finish
Want to run a successful floral business in 2023?
The new year is a great place to set goals. We will share our knowledge and expertise we've gathered over the 10 years in floral business. Give your business a head start in 2023.
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Lacy Bird is an internationally renowned flower studio based in Moscow, in business since 2012.
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We use the most up-to-date techniques, set trends and constantly improve qualifications to provide the highest quality of service.

We launched Lacy Bird Academy with a purpose to teach the best practices of modern floristry to everyone who shares our passion for flowers. Since 2016, Lacy Bird Academy has trained more than 10.000 florists, entrepreneurs and floral business owners from all around the world.
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