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How to turn an ordinary bouquet into expensive piece of art:
one of the Lacy Bird top secrets

There is one thing many florists don't do in their bouquets….and this magical thing is FOCAL CENTER

Let's do an experiment.

Show your friend a bouquet and ask him what he has noticed first?
If you don't get a quick answer, that means that your arrangement doesn't have any focal centers!
A focal center – the most important part in a bouquet
This part catches peoples' eyes at the first sight! It's used not only in floristry but also in paintings, architecture, design, photography etc.

Florists use focal centers in order to highlight an arrangement visually. This way, clients will look at the main part of the bouquet straight away because we intentionally place the most attractive and expensive flowers in focal centers.
A focal center is not just a bright spot in any part of a bouquet, it's a strict rule that helps us to control and direct the client's attention. And by doing that we form a proper client's impression.

To define focal centers we use the golden ratio rule: with its usage the arrangement becomes very harmonious and pleasant for our eyes.

Sometimes the golden ratio rule turns out to be very complicated for an arrangement and we come to a simpler rule – the rule of thirds. The rectangular area is divided into three parts horizontally and vertically. And the focal centers are the points where the division lines are crossed.
A focal center directs the client's attention and forms a proper client's impression
Focal centers don't have a certain size or percentage according to the entire bouquet - everything depends on the size of an arrangement and an author's idea.

Main rules of the focal centers are:

1. Accurately formed part, not blurred
2. Flowers differ by size, color and texture

The works of our "Modern floristry" full course students
There you can see how our teachers get feedback on the photo of your bouquets
If you know how to use focal centers in the right way, they can literally create magic in your work. And right now, let's try to achieve one of the florists' typical goals.

What do we have?

We need to assemble a bouquet with an average budget, but our objective is to create an expensive and great impression.

And how do we resolve that?

  • First of all, we need to understand what flowers we should use in our bouquet. We take several expensive flowers, a few flowers with an interesting color and flowers of a medium and low price level.
  • Second, we have to understand the approximate size of a future arrangement.
  • Third, we put the most expressive flowers in our focal centers where they all will be seen clearly.
  • And then, moving from our focal centers we add less important and catching flowers. Due to that motion, we also will direct clients' eyes to the most outstanding and rich part of the bouquet.

And the final result!

The bouquet looks more expensive than it could be thanks to clear focal centers. The first thing that the client will notice is the expensive, impressive and huge flowers. Further, our eyes come to less expensive but also interesting flowers. Only in the end we understand that the bouquet also has some tiny and cheap flowers that add volume and air to our arrangement.
The work of our "Modern floristry" full course student
When we deliver the bouquet to our client and he sees our work, he is pleasantly surprised, because we have exceeded his expectations and brought him a bouquet that looks more expensive and striking than he would expect.


Now you know for sure how to create expensive bouquets from less quantity of flowers and make superb bouquets and arrangements, exceeding people's expectations. And, you not only spend less material in a bouquet, but raise the value of your composition because you place all the flowers in the right places.
The work of our "Modern floristry" full course student
Always remember about focal centers, even if you don't assemble such a big and expensive arrangement. Focal center will make your followers and clients stare at your bouquets and understand what they have paid for!

If you want to know more secrets and become the best florist in your city or even country, we welcome you to our online-course "Modern Floristry"!
There we talk not only about focal centers, but also about:

  • coloristic and why it's crucial to take it into account,
  • botany and how to treat different types of flowers,
  • photography and how to sell your bouquets quickly just with a photo,
  • instagram managing and advertisement setting up,
  • trends in floristry and how they help us to sell more,
  • inspiration in floristry and how not to burn out at work,
  • stylish wrapping and why it is significant,
  • and more different vital topics that our teachers raise in the course.

And finally, you will PRACTICE A LOT and get personal feedback from our experienced tutors!

In our hands, you won't be allowed not to improve yourself.
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