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You have been diagnosed as a Florist:

11 Signs That You Should Start a Career in the Floristry while enjoying the passion of your life.
If you have noticed some of these signs in yourself, then we congratulate you - you are one of the unique people who cannot live without flowers.
Oksana Anikina,
Head florist of the LB workshop and a teacher in the Lacy Bird Academy.
When you were a child, you could not be torn off from collecting bouquets, beautiful petals and herbs.

And every time while passing by a flower shop window, you recall those happy times and think of how much you are missing these feelings now. Actually childhood is the time when you realize your destination, but gradually, with time forget it. But somewhere in the heart you know it. It is time to entrust your inner voice and start doing what you love.

You love making something with hands, you are fond of photographing, you paint; and this is usually about flowers.

It clear that you are a future florist. And if during a long conversation you draw flowers, there can be no doubt about it. It's time for you to put together all your talents and passion for flowers. In floristry, artistic taste, the ability to work with color and light, photography skills, and experience in manual work will come in handy.

2 hours in Pinterest have become a norm for you.

Finding visual inspiration is the first step in becoming a florist. Observation will help to form your style in the future. Don't stop looking at inspiring photos and videos, this is how you learn to see proper color schemes and combinations, composition forms. In the concrete jungle, decorating home with flowers you draw nature closer to you.

The students of the Academy constantly tell us that they came to study floristics because they simply love flowers. If you like arranging flowers at home, if you feel a cosmic interaction with nature, and if you miss such an environment in your daily routine, then you definitely need to become a florist.
In restaurants you are more interested in dry flower compositions, not in the menu.

Usual behavior of a future florists. Congratulations, you are in the club! Usually this sign is also accompanied by photographs from all angles, questions about who was involved in interior design, who is the author of these wonderful compositions. And now you already know the authors of the designs of the most popular places in the city. If you are still working in the office, you think about changing of the career.

First, a small thought flies by, for a long time you don't even remember it. Then you begin to think about changing of the job in difficult times and while having stress. In the end, you just can't get rid of the idea that you don't belong here anymore, that it's time to take a step.

Be careful, this is one and only dangerous symptom. If you don't change anything, don't take a step forward, then you will find yourself trapped! Life belongs to you, and it is short, don't waste your time and listen to your heart. Be happy doing what you love.

Self-digging always leads you to colors and creativity.

Not all people should become managers, lawyers or doctors. Only you know what kind of work you really like, listen to yourself. Just imagine the eyes of a girl who will receive your beautiful bouquet in the future.
Your mission is to create, inspire and bring people happiness with your creativity.

It is likely that at different stages of your life you were a sort of an entertainer or animator, and the highest reward for you were the smiles and happy eyes of classmates, colleagues, guests. You 100% feel happier when you create with your hands. Moreover you love sharing your creativity with others and watch them gain energy from creative things. ain energy from creative thingsain energy from creative things.
Profound knowledge in decoration at the full-time course at LBA rofound knowledge in
Instagram offers posts and reels on flowers, and you appreciate it))

And even this targeted advertising does not bother you, although you consistently block ads from other industries. This means that you want to be in the topic, follow floristry not only from a visual point of view, but you are also interested in promotion and sales in floristry.

You have read all the text sources, read all the comments in the floristic forums, watched all the free webinars, but you want more and more.

It's simple - now you have the highest interest in the floristic sphere. You need fundamental knowledge in the field of modern floristry, and you are looking for it on the web. Here it is, your sign of destiny - you are on the Lacy Bird Academy blog. People come to us as simple students, and leave the academy as fashionable florists with an international certificate. Choose your course!

When you come to the store to buy a bouquet, you choose the flowers yourself and direct the florist during the assembly.

And in your imagination, the bouquet is always cooler than in reality. So maybe it's time to create bouquets on your own, so that expectation and reality always coincide.
Be happy doing what you love
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