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How to become an outstanding florist in three months

Instruction for beginner florists, who seek fast growth
We made this guide for the beginners so that you will not just be inspired by pretty flowers, but understand what to be prepared for and how to boost growth.

Here is a fact that you should understand before you start reading the material: even the best course will not get you prepared you for everything. Now let's figure out how to dive into floristry in three months.

Develop your observation skills

Focus on this even before practicing floristry or studying the topic.
Visual expertise will help you find your style and direction in floristry, pay attention to different combinations of colors and textures. Learn about floral studios and other floral design masters.
Академия Lacy Bird: Как стать крутым флористом за три месяца, фото
Академия Lacy Bird: Как стать крутым флористом за три месяца, фото
Visual expertise also develops a sense of beauty, which will be useful in your work.
Follow the accounts of flower studios, famous florists and communities that post floral content. Try not just look at beautiful pictures, but to analyze them.
Take notes on:

— what do you like about the work and what you don't like. Describe in details.
— find common features about the style of a floral studio or a florist
— why do you think this color scheme is used in the bouquet
— what would you add/take out of the arrangement and why
— successful/unsuccessful combinations of colors
— textures, wrapping, packaging
— backdrop and lighting of the photo
— what emotions does the arrangement make you feel and why
« Follow the professionals, get interested in everything that happens in the industry, but do not compare your work and the work of the pros. Remember, that they have come a long way to get such results, and you are only in the beginning of your journey. Notice the techniques, tips and try to recreate what you like. Search for inspiration everywhere.»

Lacy Bird florists
As soon as you start to feel drawn to a certain style, try to collect mood-boards (a collage of pictures describing your thoughts and emotions on a certain topic). It is useful to make such a practice, because thoughts and ideas can be forgotten, but the mood-board they will always help you to have them in front of you to develop in the profession faster.
Академия Lacy Bird: Как стать крутым флористом за три месяца, фото
Mood-boards can include pictures, quotes, names, color palettes, textured fabrics, and anything that helps to visualize.
If you have never made a mood-board, then just use our checklist:
"LBA: how to make a floral mood-board"

Start going to the gym

Yes, a non-obvious advice. As we wrote above, floristry is a physically difficult profession. Usually florists work on a 2/2 schedule, which means 12-hour shifts on their feet.

Even if you have already taken full-time courses, such shifts will be a shock for the body at the very beginning.
Take care of your precious back. Try home exercises, but let's be honest - how many attempts to exercise at home have you already done? :)

Of course you can ignore such an advice, but believe us, you will feel better even after couple of gym sessions.

Choose Floristry Courses for Beginners

Basic training is essential, because besides the creative enthusiasm, there are many important things to learn, like: assembly technique, speed, knowledge of botany and the basic knowledge of sales in the floristry business.

An online course from the LBA is good for this purpose.

Be active on social media

From the very beginning of your path in floristry, be active on social media. It is not necessary to become an influencer, let your subscribers know, that you are a florist now, and you can be contacted to in case they need a bouquet to be done.

It is likely that you will enjoy keeping your SM pages, and social networks will bring your first orders.
Also the employers will definitely check your SM (at lease Lacy Bird does it).
Академия Lacy Bird: Как стать крутым флористом за три месяца, фото
Lacy Bird accounts inspire thousands of florists around the world. It is possible that you will also become an inspiration and support for your acquaintances who want to take steps towards the new profession.
The ability to track progress will also be a plus of blogging. Look into the archive of publications and compare bouquets if you suddenly get stuck in a routine and go astray.

Take your course up to the very end

At this stage your pink glasses will fall down, and the flower fairies will turn out to be not fairies, but hard- workers.

Keep in mind your motivation and take constant steps to achieve your goal. You can get lost on your way because you will need to work hard, and nasty thoughts can come to your mind: "what if it doesn't work out?", "what if it doesn't pay off?", "maybe I shall return to the office?"

Remember that you are not the only one who receives such thoughts on their way to success. Learning new things and the process of receiving a new profession demand time and rigorous approach. A wise florist starts taking classes on the profession with a clear cut goal, which he always sticks to.
Your goal is to become a professional florist, and education is one of the tasks on the way to achieving your success. Make it even if you have to work hard!
You are paying money for the course and are making a contribution to personal well-being and the future.

Therefore, go through the program till the very end and squeeze out the maximum of it. Note methods and techniques for your further practice, and make sure to control yourself properly and not wait for someone to do it for yourself.

Give floristry the highest priority

Give floristry the highest priority. It takes time, diligence, and a willingness to sacrifice other things in your daily schedule to become a pro. It is easier to put into practice a new occupation if you have six months or a year, but discipline is needed in a short time. Every day we have to perform day-to-day tasks that we cannot reject. So floristry should become number one after these mandatory tasks. During and after training, you will definitely need to practice bouquet assembly and other skills associated with a new profession.

Schedule flower workouts for a week and choose the time when you can reach the maximum concentration.
Remember that multitasking is a myth. You are unlikely to be equally effective in dealing with a child while making a bouquet, or for example, answering work calls.
It is also important to practice regularly, not seven consequent hours once a month. Floristry is an applied art, so when you study, not only the brain, but also the hands are remembering.

Start compiling a portfolio

A portfolio can be assembled even without working at a studio and without fulfilling real orders. The easiest way you can do it - is to shoot bouquets from the training. For example, at LBA we teach our students how to take photos of bouquets so that by the end of the course they already have a mini-portfolio. During private practice, you can come up with thematic tasks for a bouquet:

  • for a teenager's birthday,
  • for a wedding in a classic style,
  • or a conciliatory bouquet after a quarrel.

The more diverse the "situations" and the bouquets are, the more interesting the portfolio will be. In commercial floristry, flowers solve the client's problems, and the future employer will appreciate your understanding of this moment.

Apply for a job of an assistant florist

It is easiest to become an assistant in the hierarchy of flower professions. Don't worry: if you open up in the profession well, you will be quickly promoted. It is important that you spend as much time as possible working with flowers or near those ones who work with them.

Consider the vacancies of a florist's assistant as a starting point for you. Look at the work of the studios from the inside, find out the routine tasks of a florist and how the work with a client.

Use your studio work experience

We recommend working as a simple employee at a flower studio even to those who are determined to start their own business. Get a job, do not be lazy, absorb and notice everything that happens around you. If, while working as a florist employee, you realize that you are interested in the organization of internal procedures, you go through the options for improvement and begin to understand how to increase profits, take steps in starting your own flower business.

Don't forget to look inside yourself

Of course, to achieve the fastest result, extreme actions are to be taken, and you often have to sacrifice your comfort. But always remember that you came into this profession (we hope) for your own sake.

"Do not give up, even if it suddenly becomes very difficult. Find the answer to the question "why am I doing this?" and go on with your self-development.

There will be failures, lack of support from your close friends and relatives, other difficulties, but if there is an answer to the question "why?", it will be easier to achieve the goal, go till the very end and reject negativity."

While working and studying don't forget to live: there are your hobbies, family and friends, travelling and reading. Don't forget to switch from one topic to another to offload your body and brain.

We know ourselves that brilliant ideas come up during after changing of the activity. A balanced schedule will also save you from burnout and rejection of the profession. This is important for a creative person.

In conclusion, I just want to wish you to find harmony in your favorite business and not lose yourself at the same time. Try, do not be lazy and never give up. You deserve this profession of your dreams! If it suddenly becomes completely scary and unbearable, write to us, and together we will find a solution.